Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Some Profit?

Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Profit ?

Example Niche: Black Duck Car Seat Covers

There are various ways to earn profit online. While some create and make their own brand and product to promote, some merely take advantage of quality trending products to promote to generate passive income.


Affiliate marketing is a new wave of money-making strategies online by creating a website/blog, choosing a product or brand to promote and convert visitors into affiliate consumers. Affiliate marketing is a commission-based livelihood that benefits both parties.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is an income-generating tactic wherein an online retailer/brand/company pays commission to the blog/website owner that brings in traffic and sales through referrals. It is classic or traditional advertising but in a less intrusive and subtle way.


It is an advertising scheme that promotes the product through strategically embedding links to the page of the actual product without exhibiting the actual picture of the product on your website. However, it is not as simple as tossing a lot of affiliate links and wait for your commission. Affiliate marketing will require a certain effort to gain actual commission conversion.


Affiliate marketing works in a way that you get to recommend a product/service to your blog’s followers using your blogs and email list. Once your followers purchase the product you are promoting, that’s when you earn a commission.




If you want to start making money through affiliate marketing, you will need two things:


·         A website or blog targeted to your niche. 

When resting a website, WordPress is the most ideal platform to do it. You can create a website via WordPress without any background in coding. Rather, WordPress allows users to create a website with themes to choose from using basic front-end development tools. WordPress delivers a professional-looking website that can greatly influence your reliability and legitimacy online. Additionally, WordPress websites offer pristine functionality and deliver better UX or user experience.


·         Choose a brand/service/product to promote relatively to your target niche. 

When choosing a product/brand/service to promote, it is best to join an affiliate network. Affiliate networks are online merchants that have a program for affiliate marketers. Hence, data are available for both parties to view to identify where the sales came from. If it was generated through referrals on your website, then you get a commission. Moreover, that data will project how the product sells and can be of great advantage in increasing profit.


How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Step 1) Create Content That Generates Affiliate Profit

Content impacts your affiliate revenue. If your blog is related or closely related to the product you are promoting while tapping the right crowd, it is likely for you to gain success in the long haul. On a different note, if you are to publish random blogs without making a content route, your audience will be confused with your goals and blog “identity”.

It is essential that your content targets the right audience and are likely to make a purchase of the product you are promoting. Simply put, if you are to promote Black Duck car seat covers for a BT-50 but have been reaching the wrong crowd, your affiliate links and effort will bring in zero revenue.

Typically, your job is to convince your audience that the product is worth the purchase. You are the one who influences purchase decisions and leads them to the website of your affiliate network. With the use of the right keywords and high-quality investigational content, you can generate income even in your sleep. Thus, your content must be backed by reliable testimonials to help convert your audience into actual consumers.

Step 2) Promote Your Affiliate Products in the Content

When creating content, topics must be relative to the likes of your target audience. You will need to create contents that will help them make a decision about the product. Your content must answer questions your target niche might be thinking about and giving solutions to their problems or needs. Also, your affiliate links must be essentially related to your article, if otherwise, it will only bring confusion and diminish your blog’s credibility and content quality. Thus, placing affiliate links strategically is the way to go. Just make sure your affiliate links aren’t expired. You can use an affiliate marketing plugin program to help you track all the affiliate links all over your website.

Step 3) Turn Your Visitors Into Affiliate Customers

When turning your visitors into affiliate customers, some may assume they need ten folds of their existing visitors to earn ten folds of their current profit. However, affiliate marketing works differently.

For example, if the product you are promoting pays you $50 for every purchase and you bring in 100 people to visit the website of the product you are promoting and two of those visitors actually buys the product, that means your conversion rate is at 2%. Hence, your CPC or cost per click earns you a profit of $1 per click.

(CPC = Total affiliate revenue / total traffic you sent)

If you want to boost your affiliate revenue, you will need to optimise your campaign to garner more visitors to visit your affiliate network’s website. In other words, you can simply set up your website’s conversion optimisation campaign with the use of conversion optimisation software. This software allows users to create a popup campaign promoting affiliate products and display campaigns that will help entice potential customers to make a purchase.

Step 4) Optimize Your Existing Traffic for More Revenue

This step is coined as the “80/20 rule” (not the exact metric) which suggests that your profit will come from 20% of your website’s contents. Knowing which content resonates best with your audience, you can make use of this data to boost your affiliate revenue.


There are various strategies you can opt for when starting an affiliate marketing website. Some use email marketing while some just simply create quality content with quality affiliate links to generate passive income. Thus, the bottom line is, affiliate marketing also encompasses digital marketing strategies effective to your target audience.




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