Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEO plugins make the life of every business owners easier when it comes to fully optimise their contents to increase their website traffic. SEO plugins offer different tools and features that elevate the quality and quantity of the contents posted online.

Sitemaps, audit checklists, content insights, and other SEO-related features are included in the plugins. Different plugins offer different features and tools. Hence, business owners have the freedom to choose the SEO plugins for WordPress that best fit the needs and the nature of their company.

Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEOPress Review – WordPress SEO Plugin Best for Beginners

SEOPress was programmed for beginners. It is a good option to start if you have no or little experience with WordPress SEO plugins. This plugin is simple, powerful, and responsive that will significantly boost your SEO game online. Installing and setting up your data is also a breeze due to its installation wizard feature.

SEOPress Core Features

  • It features a comprehensive Google knowledge graph.
  • It has a Twitter card for ease of social media sharing.
  • It offers a Meta title/description.
  • It has a sitemap for videos and images to help you rank.
  • It offers a customisable URL rewrite.

SEOPress Pricing:

  • SEOPress Free – Includes unlimited sites and basic SEO tools.
  • SEOPress Pro ($39.00)- Includes unlimited sites, all SEO features and tools, and one year of free upgrades and support.

All-In-One SEO – With The Most Comprehensive SEO Toolkit

All-In-One SEO is one of the best options if you’re looking for that perfect toolkit that will substantially expand and improve your SEO strategies. Although this plugin is designed for experienced users, beginners can also explore this plugin if they want to jumpstart their SEO tactics.

All-In-One SEO offers a powerful well-curated toolkit. It is easy to use and you can set up your data and embed your social media accounts without an experienced developer. It is a user-friendly SEO plugin for WordPress with features that your website will greatly benefit from.

All-In-One SEO WordPress Plugin Features:

  • A customisable SEP user roles.
  • An SEO audit checklist for better data organisation.
  • It has smart XML sitemaps.
  • Responsive 24/7 customer service.
  • You can use the TruSEO score to monitor your webpage performance and do an extensive analysis of your webpage contents.

All-In-One SEO Pricing:

  • Basic Package: $99.00/yr (available for one website)
  • Plus Package: $199.00/yr (available for three websites)
  • Pro Package: $399.00/yr (available for ten websites)
  • Elite: $599.00/yr (available for 100 websites)

Semrush Review – Ideal SEO WordPress Plugin for Keyword Research


Semrush is a convenient choice for daily WordPress users. You can easily organise and finish daily SEO tasks and projects while enjoying the convenience of easy keyword research. It is a top-notch tool that features diverse data and SEO strategy approaches. It also offers content marketing, social media marketing, and other tools and features that can drive your website to the top rank.

Semrush delivers millions of national and local keywords based on the in-depth analysis of your target audience. It can also analyse domain backlink profiles to easily monitor your website’s progress.

Semrush Keyword Tools

  • Keyword Overview – to know the value and competitiveness of the keyword within your target niche.
  • Organic Research – this allows you to uncover your competitor’s edge and other pages to find effective organic keywords.
  • Keyword Magic Tool – It has a huge keyword database with 20 billion keywords in store.
  • Keyword Gap – you can easily compare your keywords with businesses of the same industry and see how your website is standing.
  • Keyword Manager – you can look up keywords in real-time.
  • Organic Traffic Insights – you can see “not discovered” keywords from Google Analytics and it allows you to cross-reference them to other data or keywords.


Semrush Pricing:

Pro Plan – $119.95/month

Guru Plan – $229.95/month

Business Plan – $449.95/month


There are other SEO WordPress plugins available such as Yoast etc. Your business is unique and it needs a kind of plugin that will bring ease of use, drive the increase of production, and analyse data to formulate an effective digital marketing scheme. Hence, choose one that best fits your company, not the cheapest or the most expensive.


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